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Topic: Im confused

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    Im confused

    Whats the main difference between thr dry instruments and the wet ones. Also my GPO is weirs because when I load up the instruments some of their names show up and some dont. N e one out there can tell me the the answer to my prob and a solution to my prob thanks.

    Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra January of 2006(Hopefully)

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    Re: Im confused

    Struggler06 ,..... welcome to the forum and GPO.

    I can't answer your second question, but hopefully someone else will.

    The wet instruments have some reverb for auditioning purposes, of course you could use the wet versions, but most people use the dry instruments because the CPU load is increased too much with the wet versions. Simply use an AUX send on your mixer to send the instruments to a reverb. This way, your DAW will use only one reverb, and won't be so bogged down because of the wet instruments. The use of one reverb is ideal in many cases, and provides a common acoustic environment where all the instruments appear to be in the same room, depending on the type of reverb used. The dry instruments have no reverb, and are almost always the best thing to use.

    I wrote a tutorial for Gary Garritan's customers who are just getting into midi and audio recording. It touches on the basics of the various different tools that we use to make music with computers. It's fun, and hopefully it will yeild a more clear understanding of audio and how it relates to GPO.


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