Hey guys, I apologize if any find this annoying. I just thought that some of you may find this info helpful and very urgent since the deal ends at midnight tonight PST at CompUSA - the actual store (not online).

This is a CTO or Configured to Order desktop PC. It is AMD64 3400 CPU with bare minimum after that - 7200 SATA 40G HDD, 256 DDR2 RAM, CDROM, USB2 and firewire. The firewire meets specs needed for soundcards. It is free shipping and takes about 10 days to receive. You have to configure it down to get this price $110!

I purchased similar laptops and they work great.

Yes these are not pro machines but some are using Audiophile 2496 and even Soundblaster so i thought this could help some who need an extra PC or a pretty good step up.

Once again, I apologize if this is inappropriate. I do not work for CompUSA. I just have appreciated the deals I have received by the Group Buy purchases and all of your advice.