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Topic: VI Magazine - Magnifico!

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    VI Magazine - Magnifico!

    Top job guys. It was a brilliant read, all of it. Its great to see a specialised magazine that can dig deeper into this area than others, such as SOS.

    I wish it every success.
    Trev Parks

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    Re: VI Magazine - Magnifico!

    Although I've only made it through half the articles, I agree!

    Looking forward to finishing this issue and, of course, issue 2. Keep up the good work Nick.
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    Re: VI Magazine - Magnifico!

    Thanks, I really appreciate it and will share the compliments.

    Please write in with suggestions, comments, and all that. We want to have a good Letters section next issue.

    And as the guy says in "Sleeper": be brutal, be broo-tal.

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    Re: VI Magazine - Magnifico!


    The mag is top notch! Congratulations to all involved!

    (I just hope that no stock photos were harmed in the making of the magazine. See the Giovani thread for the reference. )


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    Re: VI Magazine - Magnifico!


    congratulations from a future subscriber.

    What a huge undertaking and a wonderful accomplishment.



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    Re: VI Magazine - Magnifico!

    So is the download already available?

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    Re: VI Magazine - Magnifico!

    Quote Originally Posted by janila
    So is the download already available?
    Yes it is! See this thread:

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    Re: VI Magazine - Magnifico!

    Hi Nick

    I subscribed for the download.....didn't hear anything so far though. Is it up to me to "go and get it"?



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    Re: VI Magazine - Magnifico!

    Should be working now. Sorry about that.

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    Re: VI Magazine - Magnifico!

    Nick - I also subscribed to the PDF download and didn't hear anything yet...

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