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Topic: RAID

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    I haven\'t used GS yet, but i\'m planning to buy a new computer for GS and sequencing (among other musical applications). I was wondering what RAID 0 does for speed when using GS. So basically:

    What are your opinions on RAID 0?

    Is onboard RAID (as on the Abit KT7-RAID mobo) worth the extra money?

    Does having extra IDE-connections reduce acces speeds?

    I can on one hand imagine that onboard RAID is better than having an extra PCI card competing with a PCI soundcard, but on the other hand, it sounds pretty logical that a dedicated PCI RAID IDE controller is more stable. Any experiences or opinions?

    What would be the best IDE configuration? Where would the operating system, virtual memory, the samples, CD-burner and the inevitable DVD go?

    Come all and share your do\'s and dont\'s! (-:

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    Re: RAID

    Don\'t do it unless you are happy to let a drive die and have a fully prepared complete back-up of your operating system.
    If you don\'t back up your operating system
    you will have to re-build your system all over again because there is no fault tolerence with 2 x drives striped as raid 0 (unless you mirror them which will slow the stripe down, plus you have the added expense of four drives!!! and what\'s the point of that? )

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    Re: RAID

    I wonder the same thing. I have the Abit RAID mb, but have not tried a RAID 0 config yet. It seems to me that it would be smart to put the OS and GStudio on a non-RAID drive C, and the GIG files on a RAID drive D.

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