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Topic: RMX and 24 bit REX 2 files

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    RMX and 24 bit REX 2 files


    I am looking into getting Drums on Demand loops in 24 bit REX 2 file format. Is there any issues regarding RMX and it's handling of 24 bit REX files?? I use Logic 7 Pro as a host.
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    many thanks


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    Re: RMX and 24 bit REX 2 files

    Nope...works great.


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    Thanks Eric !

    Stylus RMX rocks!!



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    Re: RMX and 24 bit REX 2 files

    I have done just that -- and havbe a few non-RMX problems to relate.

    The DOD loops need to be pre-edited as some of them are slightly non-loopy and give odd pauses or strange transitions.

    The DOD collection if great and broad -- but not as deep as I would like. I would like to see more variations of each style in place with a deeper range of instruments. Would even be willing to pay more for it...

    BTW - brush artistry can be handled the same way -- if you need Brush work.

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