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Topic: OT: Event 20/20 Monitors?

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    OT: Event 20/20 Monitors?


    Does anyone have any experience with Event 20/20 monitors? I recently heard a pair for a short time and liked what I heard. Any opinions?


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    Re: OT: Event 20/20 Monitors?

    Thanks Sharmy! That's one in favor; anyone else?

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    Re: OT: Event 20/20 Monitors?

    I have a pair of the Event PS8s, which I've heard are similar to the 20/20. The PS8s are a bit scooped in the low mids, so because I tend to compensate for that, my mixes often end up being muddy when played on other systems. Otherwise, the PS8 are not bad for the price. I've heard that the 20/20s have the same problem. Also, as Sharmy said, they may not be the most detailed monitors.

    If you're looking for inexpensive monitors, I've heard that the Wharfedale 8.2a's and the cheap Yorkville monitors (can't remember their name at the moment) are much better than others in their price range.

    With any monitors (unless you have lots of experience and good aural memory), you really need to mix with them for a little while and see how your mixes translate to other systems. That they sound "good" doesn't necessarily mean they're accurate or detailed enough for mixing.


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    Re: OT: Event 20/20 Monitors?

    I've owned the 20/20p monitors for about 5 or 6 years. They sound great. There has always been a problem turning them off though. I get a loud "pop", even with the outputs turned all the way down. I just leave them on all the time, and that doesn't seem to hurt them. I don't have them in a sound-treated room, so I can't be sure about the accuracy, but they sound very clear and precise.


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    Re: OT: Event 20/20 Monitors?

    Thanks for your help gentlemen.

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    Re: OT: Event 20/20 Monitors?

    Yep I have the powered ones.. Love em, ya sure there's better but there's definately a lot worse! Had mine for about 8 years no problems. I would like a pair of Adams. But no $$ at this time.
    You should like em. If you work a bit on the room these babies sound really good.
    Later Bri

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    Re: OT: Event 20/20 Monitors?


    Call Event and replace your woofers - they a likely fatigued after that many years. I've had my 20/20's for about 8 years and it was like getting new monitors. They cost about $70 each. The difference was huge.

    I love the Events because I can listen to them for countless hours with zero ear fatigue. Monitor "accuracy" is a very subjective thing anyway, and highly dependent on how well your monitoring environment is acoustically treated.

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    Re: OT: Event 20/20 Monitors?

    Clarification needed: Are you guys saying that the 20/20's have a preponderance of bass or not enough of it?

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    Re: OT: Event 20/20 Monitors?

    They have fairly extended and even bass (w/ an 8" woofer) for what they are...

    When I first picked up a pair of the 20/20p's they were the king of 'bang for the buck'. Not the clearest or most accurate (they tend to smear in the mid-range in particular, and they are not particularly airy), but they have fairly even response, are built tough (like Sharmy I've knocked mine clear off the stand - ouch!) and can handle a ton of spls. I haven't kept up on the 'value' monitor segment lately, but I would think the 20/20 or PS8's would still stack up well against the Alesis, KRK, and other low/mid price sets.

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    Re: OT: Event 20/20 Monitors?


    I use non-powered version for the last 5 years (thorugh Hafler TA-1100). Love them!



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