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Topic: [OT] renting or buying cheap TFT monitors in LA?

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    [OT] renting or buying cheap TFT monitors in LA?

    Hi Guys,
    Sorry for the OT post. In a week's time I'll be attending the ASCAP film and tv scoring workshop. I'm bringing a bit of kit, since I need to compose while I'm there as well, but I'm trying to cut down on the amount of luggage I have since anything extra will cost me.
    In this case, it seems that the cost for bringing a monitor (or two) along is almost the same as buying one, so I'm trying to find a cheap place I can either buy (or preferably even rent) two TFT monitors for when I'm there.

    I'm so used to working on TFT's now that working on CRT's gives me eyestrain:S Although I will consider it if it's cheaper. What I'm looking for is a monitor that supports 1280x1024, and one of them hopefully will have a DVI connection.
    I've found a few places that sell cheap CRT's but at 1280x1024 they run at 60 or 65hz which doesn't help the eyestrain issue:P

    My questions are:
    -what would be the best/cheapest place to get TFT's in LA?
    -any place that does refurbished monitors?
    -any place where I could maybe rent them for a month?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: [OT] renting or buying cheap TFT monitors in LA?

    Look at this site: (under peripherial -> monitors), which is a search engine to find the cheapest prices for computer hardware

    Or alternatively: http://froogle.google.com
    Therere are many such sites, just search around the net.

    Probably the cheapest way is to buy the monitors from an online shop and ship it to a friend in L.A. where you can pick it up. Most of time online stores can offer lower prices due to lower operating costs (no renting physical shop, lower number of employees etc).

    But perhaps you can find low cost monitors in physical stores in L.A. too.
    For example Wal-Mart sells low cost PC stuff too and finding one in L.A. should not be too hard (look it up on their homepage).

    I think with a bit of searching around the net (and perhaps some phone calls to the stores so check if they have the stuff inhouse) you can easily find and buy what you want.


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    Re: [OT] renting or buying cheap TFT monitors in LA?

    Frys Electronics usually has some great prices on cheaper monitors. You can get a feel for their prices at outpost.com. The store availability and pricing is usally similar to their web store, but not always.

    Here's their LCD monitor page...


    I'd go for the 17" Sharp monitor (but then again I work for a division of Sharp ) We make our own panels, so we can control the quality of our products. Companies who don't make their own panels take what they can get...


    You'd probably be closest to the Burbank store... http://frys.com/localframe.html


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    Re: [OT] renting or buying cheap TFT monitors in LA?

    Thanks for the info guys!

    What about renting one? Does anybody know a place for that?
    Although I'm considering buying, this then adds to my shipping and I might have to pay import tax as well....
    So renting might be a better option



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    Re: [OT] renting or buying cheap TFT monitors in LA?

    Sell it on ebay once you leave again? Or let it sell someone else for you once you left... There are eBay stores that are doing this for a small fee for a person here in Germany, and I guess that is already old hat over there in LA...

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