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Topic: Simple question for Gold users

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    Simple question for Gold users

    I have had a sort of make-shift lib for over a year now I used 4 computers - One strings
    - One woodwinds
    - One Brass
    - One Orch Perc

    And a Mac for Seq using DP.

    I am going to purcahse GOLD.

    Can anyone tell me the Memory and the number of MIDI channels required to run all strings on one machine. And if you know the same for the other three sections.

    I'm thinking I'll have to go DFD as these sections won't really fit into 1 or 2 GIGS of RAM.

    If this info is available somewhere, I would appreciate that info as I cannot find it.

    Thanks in advance-

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    Re: Simple question for Gold users

    Unfortunately, you have to be more specific with the exact kind of patches you want. If you want ALL articulations for a string section, ALL woodwinds, etc, then there's no way you'll be able to load them without DFD. If you just want sustains, or keyswitches, that's a different matter. If you fill in a little more info I'd be glad to check my RAM usage w/ Gold.
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    Re: Simple question for Gold users


    Thanks man for the response.

    What I mean is this:

    Let's just take strings for a moment.

    How many MIDI Ch's and how much RAM is required to run yes, ALL the articulations (I know you would need DFD) but I am just curious about the memory requiirements. Is it more than 2 Gigs? Also the Kontakt (reg version) I have will only due 16 ch's in one instance is the E/W kontakt player the same? How many instanses will I need to again run all articulations. I guess I am NOT including solo strings here.

    Thanks again for the help as I am about to buy this thing and I want know what I getting in to.


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    Re: Simple question for Gold users


    I've never tried to run all the string articulations. There are many, many, many. You might be best off making custom keyswitch patches for doing that sort of thing. I mean, there must be like 50 patches just for 1st violins (which includes a handful of keyswitch patches).

    Any given app can only use 2GB in Windows, but the OS could be using other memory. One user here (I forget who) found that running 4GB made a big difference. He said it was because Windows could make its own disk cache huge. I've never had a chance to try that out, though.

    Oh, but you're on Mac, I see. More RAM is better. I have 2GB on Windows and I have a 32-channel Gold template using two Kontakt instances. Every track is a keyswitch. And in fact, 2GB doesn't really cut it -- the template starts with only some samples loaded, and the rest purged. And I bring in additional samples as I need them.


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    Re: Simple question for Gold users


    Bro thanks. I'm doing some TV stuff now and I just wish I could once and for all just work without loading and unloading samples. But that me be a freakin' pipe dream even in the year 2020.

    How is the DFD in the verison of Kontakt that Gold uses? Works ok? (Assuming a fast enough hard drive.) Coz I have heard so many horror stories about pops and clicks.

    I hope this $495 purchase doesn't give me new headache.


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    Re: Simple question for Gold users


    No sweat. With 2GB or more, I don't think you'll have much problem doing pretty involved arrangements. I'll PM you a link to a couple of things that I've done with Gold. When I'm doing real-time playing in of parts (like 4ms latency or so), things do sometimes get a little gnarly in dense parts. But when bouncing to disk (now that Native Instruments has fixed a long-standing bug in the Kompakt player), there's no trouble at all. The horror stories are from before last week, when that fix was posted...

    When you get Gold, consider getting Kontakt 2 (to which NI has an "upgrade" from Gold for $339). It'll give you more flexibility, better RAM management, the ability to do custom keyswitch programs, and this neat trick for making the staccato patches waaaaay better:


    I've been using the EW stuff for about 6 months, and I got Kontakt 2 last week. I wish I had got it sooner.

    - Stefan

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    Re: Simple question for Gold users

    For a big library like EWQLSO you should be using DFD. DFD works beautiful.

    I believe you could load all the strings with 2GB ram and with 24kb buffer per sample in a few instances of the Kompakt player.

    With 24kb buffer you would be getting bad -realtime- playback and cut-off notes though. The way to fix that problem without spending more money is rendering to wave one instance of Kompakt at a time with the buffer set to something more reasonable like 120Kb or even more depending on the load.

    So lets say you have 3 instances, Delete instance 2+3 , reopen the session to free memory, set Buffer to high KB and render instance 1. Do the same for the remaining instances.
    After you render all instances of Kompakt this way, you can then take the waves and mix them all together. At least thats how i do it on a 1.5 gb computer.

    Takes time though :S
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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    Re: Simple question for Gold users


    Thanks for that pm. Nice musicallity, and good use of the lib's samples. Thanks to you and Theo for the advice, I'm jumping in (for the 4th time) with this latest upgrade. Who knows with the synful thing, the Pro E/W stuff when the endless upgrades will stop - it's just reach in and grab some more dollars and get set back even more time re-configuring and working out the bugs! I'm still using MIDI instead of LAN over MIDI, gues I need that too!

    Argh! And I got clients who can't know any of this is going on.

    I need a good genie!


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    Re: Simple question for Gold users

    Hey wait a minute, Theodore!

    Load the entire string sect of gold (without the solo stuff) into 2GB?

    That would make me a very happy camper!

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