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Topic: New slighty rock style tune

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    New slighty rock style tune

    Hey everyone. I did this one today. I was inspired by the score to the movie "Identity" which was composed by Alan Silvestri. So after listening to that all day it would naturally rub off on my writing! So it's just a couple of ideas I threw together as I try to expand my writing styles. The strings and piano are GPO and the guitar is played by a friend of mine. Hope you enjoy!



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    Re: New slighty rock style tune

    Great beginning. I really enjoyed this but you should elevate it from the status of background music. This could be the foundation of something great.
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    Re: New slighty rock style tune


    It reminds me of the soundtrack from John Carpenter's. "The Thing"

    hmmm, and perhaps a bit of Francis Ford Coppola's " Dracula"

    ...very nice

    I agree... add a bit more length and it has the makings of something very unique!

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