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Topic: HD Controller cards too slow?

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    HD Controller cards too slow?

    From the \"Software Issues\" section of the forum:

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by cc:
    Hi Ben

    I have found that drives connected via a plug-in controller card, can have extra 20ms or so tagged onto the access time - and others have reported exactly the same when using the promise (etc) controllers built onto some motherboards.

    Is this true? I have an older computer (400MHz AMD K6-2) that I have been thinking about marginally upgrading as a standalone GS machine to supplement my DAW/GS machine. This older computer has UDMA33, so I was going to buy a fancier I/O card and a faster drive, along with more RAM... Now it looks like even that may not be enough. If the second computer pops and clicks, it\'s worthless. What are my options?

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    Re: HD Controller cards too slow?

    I have put together 4 or 5 computers for Gigasampler and Gigastudio use. I have used both the Promise card and the SIIG card for communicating with ATA/66 drives. I have found that the speed and reliability of the cards is totally dependent on their interaction with the motherboard. I have mixed and matched (Edisonian science) until I found combinations that worked. Fortunately, the ATA/66 cards are relatively inexpensive.

    I am currently getting full polyphony with a SIIG card. My motherboard has two ATA/66 connections on it (builtin) plus the SIIG card has two ATA/66 connections.


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    Re: HD Controller cards too slow?

    My motherboard is an Asus P5A. Do you have any direct experience with it? Any more specific suggestions?

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    Re: HD Controller cards too slow?

    Have not played with P5A but other Ausu boards. What chip set is it running?


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    Re: HD Controller cards too slow?

    ALi AGPset: ALi Aladdin V AGPset with support for a 100MHz Front Side Bus

    BTW, thanks for your help!

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    Re: HD Controller cards too slow?

    I just looked up the board and chipset at http://www.asus.com/products/Motherboard/pentium/p5a/index.html.

    I have no data to say whether one ATA card would be better than another. Frankly, I would check www.pricewatch.com or you favorite local computer store and get either a Promise ATA or SIIG ATA card. Follow the instructions to the letter.

    Does anyone else have any insights for JWink?


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    Re: HD Controller cards too slow?

    If you could get to test the components before you buy, this is perhaps the best way.

    Have them download Sisoft Sandra Lite (free from zdnet, etc.) and run the benchmark to profile the particular harddrives connected via the plug-in card.

    If you see around 5ms for the access time, you are OK. If it is higher than 10ms, avoid. If a plug-in card shows 20ms or up, most definetly avoid.

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