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Topic: Spectrasonics cool Serial numbers :-)

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    Thumbs up Spectrasonics cool Serial numbers :-)

    I'm just authorizing plugins on a new system....and I just want to say "thanks" to Eric & co for the simple, 6 digit serial numbers!

    It's a small but significant difference....everybody else makes you read and type endless streams of numbers in many boxes and I find that a tense job!

    Actually, Spectrasonics have THE simplest, quickest, and least rigid Authorization of any protected plugs -bar none. That's a boon when you want to get started making music !!



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    Re: Spectrasonics cool Serial numbers :-)

    They also have the least restrictive policy for multiple computers. This is the model I wish the other mfgrs would use. Probably not that difficult to copy, but you have to register to use it, so the control is as secure as any other method - no pay, no play, but easy on the user.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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