In the past, no-one has had much luck with Firewire hard drives, but now there is a new Oxford chip set which gives full through-put from the current crop of IDE drives. There is a bridgeboard available from Granite digital as well as enclosures that use this board. By buying the bridgeboard alone, even older Firewire drives can be upgraded. My guess is that it would work great with Gigastudio. Has anyone tried it yet?

Laurence Kingston

\"Granite Digital FireWire bridge (mentioned yesterday): \"As of Macworld
Expo, Granite Digital was the only vendor using the new Oxford
semiconductor chip set that functions at 40MBs. So it\'s likely that most, if not all,
other current FireWire cases do not yet use this. However, they offer a bridge
board only, so you can retrofit an existing enclosure. \"