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Topic: Installing GPO on two Macs??

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    Installing GPO on two Macs??

    Just received the group buy copy of GPO (I'm in Asia) and have read through the manual. I really want to try my hand on it but since I'm going to buy a PowerBook next month, I'm wonder whether I could install GPO on both Mac? Or I need to uninstall it on my desktop once I got my PB?

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    Re: Installing GPO on two Macs??

    Hi, welcome to GPO and the wonderful world of computer music.

    Native Instruments (Kontakt player for GPO) allows two registrations per customer. If you already have it installed on one computer, you will still be able to register the second installation on the Native Instruments website. Be very careful not to delete your first registration, if you do, you will not be able to re-register it. This is one of the ways Native Instruments protects against loading it on one computer, then using the second registration for a second computer (legal), and then deleting the first registration while keeping it installed, then they crook thinks he can install it on a third computer.

    Sorry for the confusing post but in a nutshell, you are allowed two registrations for two different computers.
    I'm sorry I could not answer your other question that you had posted.


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    Re: Installing GPO on two Macs??

    Thank you, then I can go ahead and get my feet wet with GPO in this weekend.

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