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Topic: Routing channels to Gigapulse placements

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    Routing channels to Gigapulse placements

    Hi other GS3 users,

    Surely I'm missing something, but how in the world do you route specific channels to all the numbers in a Gigapulse "seating chart".

    I've loaded an instance of Gigapulse into an AUX port, selected "large hall" - 7 mic placement. I've cltr-clicked to match up various spots in the seating chart to corresponding microphones (I'm assuming this is the microphone that will pick up most of that instruments sound?)

    While I can hear the reverb when channels are sent to the Gigapulse AUX port, I don't understand how to place specific instruments into a proper location (say, put the trumpets [port1-channel 2] in seat 16, etc.).

    ALSO, what benefit do you get by attaching 7 specific seats to the 7 microphones? If every instrument goes into the same reverb, how does it know where to go? And what about all the seats that are left out? I can only get one number to match 1 or more microphones.

    Thank you in advance for your expertise!


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    Re: Routing channels to Gigapulse placements

    It's basically one placement per instance of Giga Pulse with one signal (insert or send) going to that instance. There a long discussion about it here:

    - G

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    Re: Routing channels to Gigapulse placements

    Thanks Gamera; I followed the ideas in the link you mentioned, but am still not getting great results with placement/panning. I now see that you cannot set specific channels/inserts/groups to a specific position in the Gigapulse set up, but why would they have all those positions if you can only use one? And what is the advantage of connecting all 7 mic positions to different seats?

    After reading that thread, here's what I'm doing; maybe there are some suggestions for making it better.

    I'm using 2 instances of GP on each of my two computers (using AUX returns with "pre" on). On computer 1, GP 1 is for strings and GP 2 is for Woodwinds. On computer 2, GP3 is for brass and GP 4 is for percussion. I then moved the "position" setting of Gigapulse to the right a bit for the woodwinds... more for the brass... and more for the percussion. I attached the left and right microphones in the following way:

    GP1 = 2, 8 (strings)
    GP2 = 4, 6 (woodwinds)
    GP3 = 13, 16 (brass)
    GP4 = 12, 15 (percussion)

    Going into each Gigapulse I have 9 inserts which pan and adjust the width of the instruments within that section. 1 through 9, going left to right.

    The problem is, the and width and panning in the insert channels doesn't seem to give the instruments placement to the left or right (all the instruments sound full stereo to me when soloing them). Secondly, the string section doesn't sound any "closer" than the brass and percussion, which I wanted to accomplish through gigapulse.

    I hope this sort of makes sense... it's hard to describe through text only . Thanks again for any help, anyone!


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