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Topic: Audio from SX to GS3 for GigaPulse and back?

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    Audio from SX to GS3 for GigaPulse and back?

    On my main sequencer computer, I was thinking about trying to run GS3 behind SX and load up some Gigapulse instances. I'm using FX-Max GigaTeleport to run audio from my 2 GS machines back into my main, and from there would like to send 2 stereo busses to GS3's inputs for 2 instances of Gigapulse.

    I've been looking at building a GP only machine, but that's taking some research, and I'd like to get at least 2 instances set up now. I'm just not sure how to route the audio into GS3's mixer inputs. Anyone doing this? (the reason I'm not running 2 instances on my GS machines is that they just aren't fast enough to do it without pops and explosion artifacts. they're matched older P4 2.0's with PC133 (2GB each) and a 400mhz fsb, so they do samples okay, but not much else unfortunately.)

    I'd like to get this working asap, so any help would really be appreciated.


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    Re: Audio from SX to GS3 for GigaPulse and back?

    I've posted this question in the Gigastudio forum as it would be more appropriate there:


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