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Topic: Building a computer for Giga studio

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    Building a computer for Giga studio

    Hi All
    This thread is for listing new computer configurations that are working with Giga studio.
    It will be a reference for people getting ready to put together or buy a preconfiged computer and to see what does and does not work with Gigastudio.
    I know we have had a few simular threads like this in the past but with computers changing so fast ,what was comsidered to be a optimum computer for giga studio last year may not be now.
    So for anyone considering putting together a computer for giga studio [like my self in the next month or so maybe this will help us save some money,time and aggravation.
    So if you just bought a computer recently and its working well with giga studio please list the configuration .
    hardware ,etc
    Please let us know how well it is performing , any pop and clicks or glitches.

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    Re: Building a computer for Giga studio

    Oopps didn\'t mean to list this twice.

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