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Topic: Polyphony

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    OK - newbee question here.
    I am using Gigasampler with Cakewalk Pro Audio 8.4 Giga sampler has 64 nifty empty slots to put wonderful sounding instruments into, but only sixteen midi channels for accessing them. Does this mean that If I have more than one instrument assigned to a midi channel, there is no way to change pan/volume/velocity/etc.. on those separate instruments through Cakewalk? whatever changes I make will be applied to all instruments on that channel? Therefore,If I am building an orchestral ensemble, I can only have 16 different volumes and pan settings for my midi orchestra? Help!


    John Grayson

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    Re: Polyphony

    We shall remedy this in the future and give controll of the layers volume and pan somehow. (or 4 sets of discrete MIDI channels) For now, you will want to set the attenuation and pan in the instrument editor on each instrument. You can even assign MIDI controllers to the attenuation of an instrument. (This is all in the mix\\layer tab in the editor)
    Thanks for your patience.

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