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Topic: Would I be in trouble if....

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    Would I be in trouble if....

    I have a dedicated computer for Gigstudio which I control from my main computer. Would putting a USB midi device in my main computer have any negative effect with GS? It doesn\'t seem like it should since it\'s outside the GS computer, but I had read where GS didn\'t place nice with USB midi devices. I assume this is just for the one that the GS computer is using.

    Thanks if you have info on this.


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    Re: Would I be in trouble if....

    I think you\'re safe Mahlon.

    Everything I\'ve read has to do with the mere fact that the USB bus is active taking up unnecessary CPU attention.

    As you say, your USB setup isn\'t being accessed by the Giga PC, so it shouldn\'t have any affect on it, and if you\'re able to record plenty of audio tracks with the other PC, then USB isn\'t getting in its way too badly either.

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