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Topic: bartok pizz., behind the bridge etc.

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    bartok pizz., behind the bridge etc.


    I'm looking for ways to create the Bartok Pizz., behind the bridge, glissandi etc. GPO does not (at this time) have these string effects - I was told that the Garritan String library does - after further research I am aware now that it does. however, I have no way of hearing a sample. If anyone has a link for me to preview a work that contains these effects, I would greatly appreciate it. At this time, I hesitate to spend the $$$ for a library which I basically would only need for the string effects (already have GPO). Any suggestions? Also, anyone close to the source aware if Garritan is going to update the GPO with any extra string effects? (or other instruments/effects for that matter)

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    Troy Sterling Nies

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    Re: bartok pizz., behind the bridge etc.

    On the Garritan site, go to the Demos page and click through the GPO Demo Wheel until you find Orchestral Strings Demos. Here there are some demos that specifically show various aspects of the library.

    There is slated to be a GPO Advanced coming out (no specific release date yet) which will have many more instruments, articulations etc. As it is still a work in progress, it is difficult to pinpoint just exactly what will be included, but users have been requesting things like Bartok pizz, sul ponticello, col legno, etc. - and Gary does have a reputation for listening to his customers!

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    Re: bartok pizz., behind the bridge etc.

    Thank you for the update - I appreciate the information!


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    Re: bartok pizz., behind the bridge etc.

    If you need an immediate solution, I've done a cheap-and-nasty Bartok pizz Soundfont that you are welcome to. Let me know.

    Steve A. Gallant


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    Re: bartok pizz., behind the bridge etc.

    There's also Francesco's poor man's Bartok. I think he blended some percussive elements with the existing pizzicato. Maybe he can chime in with some tips to get you by.

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    Re: bartok pizz., behind the bridge etc.

    Thank you all for the tips. The percussive method is interesting, but I'm wondering how effective it would be with thinner orchestrations. It's definitely worth a shot. Now on to the glissandi and behind the bridge effects...

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    Re: bartok pizz., behind the bridge etc.

    One more suggestion for helping with the Bartok pizz in the present GPO: Try experimenting with loading one of the violin section pizz instrument and, on the same MIDI channel, one of the solo violin pizz instruments. Adjust the length control (cc21) to a value between "0" and "40." Smaller values will give you very short plucks. Use high velocities. Send these two instruments to an audio channel of your sequencer's mixer and insert one band of parametric EQ with a center frequency of about 4khz; adjust Q and boost the EQ gain to taste. A boost will emphasize the brightness of the pluck and with the length shortened it can increase the illusion of a snap. Try controlling the length of the section and solo pizz separately by putting them on separate MIDI channels and sending them the same note data. Make the solo pizz very short and the section pizz somewhat longer. Adjust their relative levels to get a blend. Increasing the relative strength of the solo pizz will sound more aggressive.


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