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Topic: New Silver pieces

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    Red face New Silver pieces

    Here are three pieces with Silver.
    I hope to not bore you too much with my music.

    A new angel in the sky

    Day by day

    In my dreams

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    Re: New Silver pieces

    Some nice music here.

    I didn't care too much for "Day by Day", though. Seemed like a lot of the parts clashed with each other and made a bit of a mess. Sometimes it helps to write out parts on paper, or in notation software first. If you can.

    "In my dreams" is perhaps the most blatant ripoff of Forrest Gump I've ever heard. Charming

    A New Angel in the Sky is very nice. Sounds like there's a heavy Silvestri influence here as well, though. Still it's a nice little composition.

    You are good at string writing. The arrangements around the piano dominated pieces are organic and well done. Not too overpowering or muddy, and gently flowing most of the time. Not just a bunch of stacked triads like I hear most of the time in many other demos. Good!

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    Thumbs up Re: New Silver pieces

    I agree with Maraxalamanta, this is some excellent representation of strings. You had some great emotion happening. I enjoyed listening to these.


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    Re: New Silver pieces

    you find here correct and constructive critics, and encouraging approval!

    It's not the warm and friendly GPO thread, but is honest and challenging isn't it?

    I will let you know more privately. Anyway Bravo, as usual.


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    Smile Re: New Silver pieces

    Thank you very much to you all!!!!
    All the comments are really appreciated!!!

    Fabio thank you very much, I have just sent you an e-mail.
    You are always so Kind!!!!

    My best,

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    Re: New Silver pieces

    I think all three are excellent. The arrangements all sound great to me. Maybe "Day By Day" is a teeny bit clutterred, but then again, maybe not. I don't hear Forrest Gump at all in "In My Dreams." But either way, as Maraxalamanta, says, it's charming!

    - Mike Greene

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