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Topic: Please Help

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    Please Help


    I am a new GPO user and have had a lot of trouble with the GPO. I posted a question last week and have had no answers. I was able to fix the problems that I talked about in my previous post by unistalling and reinstalling (and registering) GPO in my computer. I also installed and registered the GPO at my work computer since that computer has more RAM (2.79 GHZ, 760 MB of RAM) and a faster processor (Pentium 4, 2.80 GHZ). Today I tried playing a Finale score through the GPO Studio and was unsuccessful ( the piece consisted of 14 different instruments; I assigned separate channels for each instrument and used the "wet" audition in the GPO studio). I followed all of the instructions on MIDI set up and got a very distorted playback, and several "low memory" messages. I already downloaded the ASIO4ALL driver, since the work computer only has the following:

    [MME] MS Sound Mapper - (out)
    [MME] Sound Max Digital Audio (out)
    [Direct Sound] Primary Sound Driver (out)
    [Direct Sound] Sound Max Digital Audio

    Like I mentioned before, I am totally new with GPO and need help with playing back my Finale scores through the GPO studio. So far, I have only been successful in playing small piano solo pieces that I wrote into Finale, and they sound great, I just want to do the same for my ensemble pieces.

    I am also looking into purchasing a new processor and memory for my computer, but after today's results with the work computer (which has more than the required RAM and processor speed, I don't know if it is worth spending all the extra money to get the same unsucessful results.

    It would be great if someone could help me!

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    Re: Please Help

    A few things Compman:

    1. Only use dry patches, since the wet ones are very CPU hungry.
    2. Deselect "Use std. CC#7 / CC#10 volume and pan" (the button should be dark green) in Player options, since it's my experience that it creates a lot of distortion when selected. Instead use CC#1 for volume (remember to check Studio Settings | Mode | Default.
    3. Deselect "Lock memory (no swap)" (=dark green) in Player options. This will make it less RAM hungry.
    4. Select GPO optimization in Finale's Human Playback (assuming you use Finale 2005).
    5. "Sustain / sostenuto pedal mode" = "MIDI switch" or "Pedal + MIDI switch" (the latter when you also want to use Piano pedalling).

    I hope these tips will help you to enjoy GPO just as much as I do.

    Oh, by the way, one more thing:
    6. Drop the Sound Max drivers. They dont work well with Finale.

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    Re: Please Help

    Try setting the Audio Driver to MME Sound Max Digital Audio out instead of ASIO4all. On my system it reads SoundBlaster; I don't know Sound Max.

    Also go to Studio > Ambience and set Quality CPU to zero.

    I had a hell of a time with GPO on large Sibelius scores till today (see the "Cray for GPO" thread), when billp (thanks again) suggested that I not use ASIO4all but rather MME. It made a huge difference in drain on the CPU. Monitor your attempts with Windows Task Manager > Performance so that you can see how much cpu usage and memory are consumed at which setting.

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