Dear Giga and User Forum

We are still experiencing problems with LE!!! ( Please see Hardware and email below )
We wrote you about some annoying distortion anomalies using the Hammerfall 96/52 card.
Just to let you know we can successfully record and playback 16 tracks in VST/32 or Nuendo, with no system hiccups through the 96/52.
We believe that GigaSampler LE needs some software adjustments perhaps. We have tried all of your suggestions, with no results. The Cacheman program may bring the sample playback into Ram for fast access, but shouldn\'t LE try to get there without using a third party unsuppoerted Cache program?
Why would the lesser light Guillemont Fortissimo almost work, and the 96/52 not work properly with LE.

I talked to a Nemesys dealer (Long & McQuade Toronto) and he suggested that I should build a dedicated computer for the Gigasampler family! I think this is overkill and un-necessary since we already have a stand alone sampler that we are tring not to use.
As a test work around, we thought we would test it on another computer. We originally used a Lexicon Core32 card (software v4.10 up to v4.20)and a 12T interface in our main system. That was replaced by the new RME Hammerfall 96/52, which has a tighter ASIO 2 driver so it seems.

SO. . .
We tried installing the Lex 32 into the secondary PIII500 MHz and then installed LE. The LexiconCore32 produced a incompatible error message \"card not supported\", and does not work with GigaLE at all. I\'m assuming the Lex drivers aren\'t GSIF yet, or the Lex system is considered a dead issue by Nemesys.

What to do with Giga LE?
Should I try Dear Abbey?

I am emailing this to your user forum to see if anyone hopefully has another solution.

Thanks in advance, Wayne


Hello Wayne,
1. Make sure your DMA box is checked. To find this go to:
start-> settings-> control panel-> system-> device manager->disk drives-> select harddrive -> check DMA.
2. Try changing the vcache settings in the system.ini file. Setting the min and max cache to 25% of the RAM in the machine is the ideal setting. This will reserve some of the RAM for polyphony performance and this won\'t be available for loading sounds into. This will lower the amount of sounds that can be loaded at once for real-time playback.
3. Leave the \"virtual memory\" set to the default of \"let windows set virtual memory\" (in the device manager/performance tab).
4. Try turning vcache completely off in the system.ini file.
5. Turn off all background applications, especially Norton Anti-Virus and McAfee. This will cause periodic popping...
6. On that note, there was one user who had gotten a virus that caused popping. This was fixed by running norton anti virus….
7. The position of the sounds on the hard drive can also affect performance. In hard drive tests and reviews, the access and seek time are the fastest in the first few megsbytes and data and get slower as the system accesses sounds further in. Defragmenting the drives will help keep the sounds consolidated and moved nearest the beginning of the drive data. With the GigaStudio, you can use Norton or any other tool you want. In tests with the GigaStudio, Norton defragmenting has made significant improvements in the performance.
8. Performance can sometimes be improved by having direct control of the PCI and IRQ settings for the sound cards and other devices. Some motherboards and chipsets will not allow the plug and play to be disabled making this custom setting impossible.

9. You may want to download and install the newest drivers available for your harddrives/motherboard/chipsets/ etc.

10. Some people have experienced better performance by going to control panel>system>performance>file system and turn the typical role of the computer to network server. You could also play with the read-ahead optimization setting. In \"troubleshooting\" of this same area you could try disabling write-behind caching for all drives or protected mode harddisk interrupt handling....
11. Also, try going to control panel>device manager>system and disabling USB.

I hope this helps. I\'ve also been told by some users that cacheman helps.
It\'s a free application you can get from that sets up your cache and file swap settings.
We haven\'t tested this, so it\'s up to you... but that\'s the word on the street.

Make sure you take very good notes of your tweaks and only tweak one thing at a time. It might help in the future!

Nemesys Tech Support

\"W. Brauer\" wrote:

Dear Tech Support We purchased Gigasampler LE. Everything works with the sequencers or stand alone, with the exception of an annoying playback distortion through our RME hammerfall 96/52 card. We are clocked at 44.1Khz through a wordclock in, and no other 96/52 clock sources settings change anything. We have tried playback through a Guilmont Fortissimo with cleaner results but there still remains the reminents of crackles during playback.We have downloaded a GSIF driver for the 96/52, and pursued the v4.96 download with no difference. We currently use an Akai CD3000XL with MESA Pc software. We like the theory of your product and will upgrade only if the Audio problems are solved thanks, Wayne Brauer Song Works Recording & Publishing. > submitted on::...........Thursday, May 3, 19101 at 11:09:13
> Version:...........1.64.005