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Topic: My new Soundchaser DAW

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    My new Soundchaser DAW

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I just got a DAW from Soundchaser specifically for giga and sample recording. I would definately suggest that if you are in the market for a dedicated PC that you give these guys a call. They did a great job and everything works like a champ! The rack enclosure is very sturdy and houses everything very nicely.

    Here are the specs:

    Athlon 1.2 ghz
    768 ram
    15 gig IDE boot
    18 gig SCSI 160 recording drive
    60 gig removable IDE backup/gig drive

    This thing rocks!


    PS. And yes I paid full pop for this from them and it\'s worth every penny. I just wanted to post something positive since there hasn\'t been much lately

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    Re: My new Soundchaser DAW

    Hey Donnie,

    What kind of IDE drives did you get? Are they Ultra ATA-66 or 100?
    What are the specs on them and what brand?

    Thanks for the info.

    What did you pay (just curious for my own investment)?

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    Re: My new Soundchaser DAW


    They are IBM ATA100\'s. The 60gig is removable also.

    For the sound cards I got a Hammerfall 9652 hooked via lightpipe to a ADI8-DS for the AD conversion. It sounds awesome! It makes my Gina card on my other system sound awful.


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    Re: My new Soundchaser DAW

    Hi Donnie
    But here is the determining factur of wether or not you have a way cool machine.
    Do you get any pops and clicks ?
    A simple test for this is load a large piano like giga piano ,hold down the sustain pedal and play like a mad man for 5 minutes
    or so .
    If you dont hear any pops and clicks youve achieved something that Ive haven\'t been able to fix on my Pentium 3 450.
    Ill probably need to upgrade soon myself ,If this works for you maybe I will consider a athlon 1.2

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    Re: My new Soundchaser DAW

    What type of motherboard and Ram are you using?

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    Re: My new Soundchaser DAW

    Hey guys it is a AMD Athlon Thunderbird 266/1.2, ASUS A7V133 Motherboard, 768 megs of PC133 RAM

    No pops or clicks at all and getting the full 160 without even breaking a sweat!

    The cool thing about having someone like Soundchaser do this is that everything works flawlessly about of the box. Everything is configured to it\'s max. I think my boot drive is only about 700 megs full right now!


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    Re: My new Soundchaser DAW

    Hi Donnie
    Did soundchaser recommend the Tbird Athlon over a Pentium 3 or 4 for Giga studio.
    Or was it your choice to go with the Athlon?
    Thanks , Ken

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    Re: My new Soundchaser DAW


    Actually I went on Paul\'s recomendation at Soundchaser. I originally was going to get a P4 but he talked me out of it. To be honest I can\'t remember what the reason was but I can find out or you can call them.


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    Re: My new Soundchaser DAW

    Have you had an opportunity to see how many real time plugins you can run? Peace.

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    Re: My new Soundchaser DAW

    Here\'s what I do. I have two PC\'s now both running GS controlled from my Mac G4. On one PC (the PIII 550) I mostly have the winds and strings and run two reverbs and one EQ. On the second PC (the new Athlon) I have three reverbs and two EQ\'s going with over a gig of sounds loaded. The performance meter is at about 6% when at rest and 10-12% when playback is occuring. It\'s pretty sweet!! Both machines get the full 160 notes of polyphony with no problem so having 320 notes availible is REALLY nice.

    A good tip that I\'ve figured out from this is to set the voice stealing to about 20 if you know that you are constantly maxing out your polyphony. I seem to get less glitches this way.


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