Hi, I\'am a new (italian) user of GS and a newcomer of this very rich Forum.
I\'ve browsed several topics, but didn\'t find an answer to the following question:
in my brand new setup (Pentium III 1 Ghz, GS+Cubase Vst32) there are two 20giga Fujitsu hard disks, one Scsi Ultra160 10.000 rpm and the other Ata 100. As far as I don\'t add a third (Scsi) hard disk, what is the best configuration? Sure I\'m going to store the giga samples on the Scsi and the programs on the Eide, but where is it better to place the audiofiles, on the Scsi, because it\'s faster, or on the Eide, because two heads are anyway faster than one?
Thanks for your help,