Heya everyone,

i\'ve been using Gigastudio for a while now, and just equipped my system with a hoontech Audio DSP 2000, aka C-Port, working smoothly (installation was blissful, in fact). However, after working for a few hours, like 2-3 at least, all of a sudden the sounds are getting distorted, no matter whether i\'ve been working with effects or was just playing away. Closing and restarting GS helps, but then the intervals one can work without the problem coming back are getting shorter and shorter.
Sometimes there\'s also a harsh delay on some of the notes, almost half a second, which seems to be independent from any harddrive activity (since my samples are on a different drive than the system itself).

I don\'t know if it is of any importance to the problem, but my system consists of the following :

700 MHz PIII
256 MB Ram
4 GB IBM HD (boot/system), Pioneer DVD-Rom and Teac CD writer on Symbios SCSI controller
45 GB Quantum 7200rpm HD f. samples
Hoontech AudioDSP 2000
Hercules Prophet II MX
Realtek ethernet card

me devices ain\'t sharin\' irqs, no sir !

Any of you got any idea/comment about possible causes ?

thanks a lot