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Topic: how to rearrange instrument

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    how to rearrange instrument

    When I load in groups of EWQLSO (fs and c) and then remove one I'd like to be able to move the instruments around or at least arrange them by midi channel is this possible?

    Also have new instruments always load below the already loaded ones?


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    Re: how to rearrange instrument

    Hi feeserface,

    If your talking about Kontact-2, I too haven't found a way to rearrange the instruments. Not only that but if I have several instruments (say 8) and I delete one in the middle (say 4) then any subsequent instrument that I load will usually go to postition 4 instead of at the end.

    It would be nice to able to arrange the instruments as one see's fit. Has anybody figured it out?

    T. S.

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    Re: how to rearrange instrument

    I'm with you on that...Usually I'm loading the s-f samples together it'd be nice to keep them that way and know what midi channels are being used...


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    Re: how to rearrange instrument

    I'm assumeing feeserface that you know you can choose any midi chanel you want for each intrument.

    If not then all you have to do is expand the instrument header and you'll see "Midi Ch:". There you can select 1 of 4 ports and a midi chanel for each port. If your useing Kompact as a plugin then you can only assign port [A] along with only 16 midi chanels.

    One thing I do to help keep from being confused is insert the chanel # in the front of each header name. I then do likewise in the midi track that goes to it in Sonar.

    T. S.

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    Re: how to rearrange instrument

    Quote Originally Posted by feeserface
    I'm with you on that...Usually I'm loading the s-f samples together it'd be nice to keep them that way and know what midi channels are being used...
    Is there seriously NO way to do this? Not changing the midi channels, but changing the order of the instruments in your rack?

    There HAS to be a way?!

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    Re: how to rearrange instrument

    I assume everyone knows about the following 'clumsy' way to rearrange instruments in the rack.

    Create a new Instrument Collection folder (in Explorer or any other way that's convenient). Load each instrument into K2 and resave it into the new folder. The next time you open K2 you can load the instruments from the Collection folder (instead of from their orignal location). When the collection is loaded this way, you can use then use the little left and right arrows (to the right of the instrument names) to choose any instrument in the 'Collection' for each position in the rack.

    Now, after you load the instruments, you can rearrange the order any time you want. The only hitch is that all the instruments must be in the same folder. BTW, when you resave instruments you don't have to save the samples with them in the 'collection' folder.

    It's a little hoaky, but, in some situations where you use certain collections frequently, it can be somewhat useful.
    Big Bob (aka Wonderful Bob)

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    Re: how to rearrange instrument

    I agree, the lack of that simple feature is frustrating. It would be nice to be able to drag an instrument anywhere on the page, just like tracks in a sequencer. I see no logical reason why they should be "locked" in place like that.
    "The biggest risk of all , is never taking a risk"

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    Re: how to rearrange instrument

    I called Native Instruments about this the first day I had Kontakt 2, and the phone rep told me there's no mechanism for rearranging instruments. He agreed that it would be a nice feature, and promised to add it to their "improvements" file, so by 2010, we may see it implemented. I'm astonished at the number of obvious features NOT included in Kontakt implementations.

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    Wink Re: how to rearrange instrument

    For some, I realize it's a matter of convenience, but I tend to organize my instruments in the sequencer (in my case Cubase SX) more logically and look at the samplers and players as "resources". In fact, personally, I've begun to use Folders a lot more of late.

    By the way, I've had HALion2 and now HALion3 and I don't believe that either of those lets you change the "load sequence" either, so from a competitive analysis stand-point, I'm not sure how high it would be on NI's list.

    my $0.02 ... KevinKauai

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    Re: how to rearrange instrument

    Yea..they`ve always been non-rearangeable. Since day one. This is a "feature" thats been suggested from the beginning. No sure why they need to be locked inplace. Even in Reaktor you can move stuff all over the place.. Rich

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