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Topic: midi loop not starting?!?

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    midi loop not starting?!?

    O.k. This may seem like an awful newbie question, but here goes. I installed Gigasampler LE and it starts up and I can load a sample, such as Rickenbacker bass, but the midiloop halo isn\'t on and when I try to click it to come on I keep getting the same error message: An external device or application is using your audio hardware. Please close all applications or devices and try again. All this when I don\'t have any apps or other devices running that I know of. Please reply or email with a common sense answer that a 3 year old could understand, because I obviously am not getting the whole midi setup idea.... I have a Pentium III 450 Laptop with 96 megs of ram and a directsound compatible ESS Maestro wavetable soundcard. Do I need new drivers? A new system? or just better setup instructions? Thanks for all who can help. Chuckdoc

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    Re: midi loop not starting?!?

    hey Chuckdoc,

    I am having the same problem and would like to ask you a question about your system configuration to try and trouble shoot something.

    My email is mkdrums@covad.net if you read this reply.



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