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Topic: How to load gig- file

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    Question How to load gig- file

    Sorry, this is a newbie- question, but the manual was not a big help for me:

    When - in GS3, from one of the included content DVDs - I load e.g. the gig- file "02 Viola ensemble - 10.gig" into a midi channel, this channel reads "VIOLAS_staccato_down", and that's what it is actually playing then. The other articulations are in different instruments within the gig-file, I can see them in the GigaEditor, and I could choose them by sending program changes.
    Am I doing something wrong when loading the gig file or is this the way it was meant to be?

    Or is it better to load the different instruments representing the different articulations into separate channels? This is the way I used to work with my old Akai- Samplers.

    How is everybody handling this?


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    Re: How to load gig- file

    This is the way it's ment to be. You select the articulation either with a program change, or more commonly with a keyswitch.

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    Re: How to load gig- file

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    ...... You select the articulation either with a program change, or more commonly with a keyswitch.
    I don't know if I would like to use program changes, but the keyswitch
    thing looks very promising.
    Thank you!


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    Re: How to load gig- file

    Bill is right. However, did you click on the little+-sign next to the Viola ensemble? If you did, you should see the articulations and can decide which one you wish to load. Then, if you wish to change to an other articulation, do the key-switching, if you loaded the sample which contains key-switchings. Or, you have to use the dreaded program-change (I have no problem with them).

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    Re: How to load gig- file


    Ted has provided the key. Click the "+" and you will see the available patches. If you load the "all articulations" patch, it will load them up and provide the keyswitch setup.

    Here's the hot tip with the Vienna ensembles: try stacking the mod-wheel sustain patch with the staccato 1+2 patch. Do this by loading the first articulation by double-clicking it, or dragging it to the channel. Then, load the second by holding the control key down while dragging it to the channel.

    By stacking the staccato with the mod-wheel patch, you can get more attack by playing the keys harder, and you can get more sustain or a swell by moving the mod-wheel. This gives a nice, playable, all-in-one solution. No program changes or keyswitches are needed to play this stacked patch.



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    Re: How to load gig- file

    Thanks again, Bill, Ted and Jon!

    In the meantime I found out about the "+sign"- trick by myself.
    I dislike program changes, because on my "masterkeyboard" they are
    hard to produce, and I would not like the sampler to stop all voices
    in case of a program change.. I still do not know whether giga
    is behaving like this.. but most devices do?

    I will definitely try stacking the mod wheel sustain with the stacc patch..
    are these two patches part of the demo- libraries (Vienna Giga Symphony)
    delivered with the program, or part of the big libraries I have to purchase?
    (What I plan to do...)


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    Re: How to load gig- file

    You're right. GS3 stops the voices on the channel that receives a program change. This is my least favorite "feature". I spoke with one of the engineers at NAB, and learned that this won't be changed for GS3. The change would go too deeply into restructuring the code. Hopefully it will be improved in GS4, or whatever follows...

    And, yes, the patches I mentioned are standard with GS3 Orchestra.



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