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Topic: Taming Program Change

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    Taming Program Change

    Does anyone know if GS, when it assigns the program change no\'s on a first
    come first serve basis, can remember these no\'s if an instrument is deleted
    from the Performance. I deleted an instrument yesterday, and GS reset all
    program change no\'s that were above the deleted instrument DOWN one no. in order to fill in the gap. If there isn\'t a way for it to remember the no\'s, this sure
    would be a good wish list item.

    I\'d rather not assign program no.\'s to the instruments themselves, because of
    the huge no. of instruments and keep track of all that. I haven\'t downloaded
    1.6 yet, so maybe I\'m behind the times. Using 1.52 until I finish current

    Thanks if anyone has enlightenment.

    Mahlon Bouldin

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    Re: Taming Program Change

    The performances and the assigning patch changes(unless one is assigned manually) are very cool convienience features but you have to be carefull when using them. If you delete an instrument that a performance is looking for, the GigaSampler will skip it(after giving you a chance to browse for it) and change the following numbers. The performance saver is simply loading the instruments in the order they were but it isn\'t keeping track of the patch changes. I\'ll ask about how this can be fixed for the future. In the meantime, be carefull with the files.

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    Re: Taming Program Change

    see this problem and see how easy it is to work with smart acess on AO! Load / delete instruments as you want, the acess to the play techniques within a channel always remains the same! Nevertheless it is urgent to add a mapping List which attaches instruments to prg numbers and is saved within a performance. Presently no complex multi setups with prg-chenges can be created.

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    Re: Taming Program Change

    Hi Dave,
    I don´t quite understand: If I assigned program numbers to all my instruments manually (using the instrument´s context-menu) will they be kept and be accessible via the dedicated program changes ?
    Also, are Nemesys sure that the bank-feature is working correctly ? It does not with Encore.
    Thanks for info.

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    Re: Taming Program Change

    Bank switching still does not work !!! PLEASE fix this.

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    Re: Taming Program Change

    Putting program changes in the instrument itself will hardwire that number to the instrument. The only problem is if you load two instruments that use the same patch. In that case, the first instrument loaded keeps its program change and the other one increments by one for the purpose of that particular load\\performance. Bank changes are not enable yet.
    Take care

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