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Topic: Cygnus Radio -

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    Thumbs up Cygnus Radio -


    I just wanted to share with you this very pleasant and interesting Radio Station i've been listening to the last few months.

    It is beeing broadcast by Kevin Tweedy (Our KevinKauai from Northern Sounds) and it is always playing some really excellent stuff. The repertoir is mostly taken from new composers that use samples (any libraries) and sometimes, there are some suprise Sample Library demos coming in the broadcast.

    Well anyway, here is the Submission page so you can get your music played on the station as well : http://www.kevintweedy.net/Radio_Submit.htm

    And this is the Http address:

    How to listen to the station:

    Open Winamp.
    Press CTRL+L
    Paste on the dialogue box that appears.



    I just learnt now that there is a chatroom for the Radio as well:


    and also, there is a DVD beeing given away today. NO idea what it is though
    Theo Krueger - Composer


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    Talking Re: Cygnus Radio -

    Hey, Theo - -

    Thanks for the plug! My format for the “Two Cents Worth” program is anything that falls into the “symphonic – cinematic – experimental – ambient” umbrella and is terrific “indie” music that deserves exposure promotion. I have cast my net far and wide to gather up great material from a variety of talented folk worldwide and our audience on CygnusRadio.com continues to grow.

    THERE ARE NO RESTRICTIONS about what sample packages you use (or if you use you own orchestra!).This program is not sponsored nor beholden to anyone or any particular package and is as INDEPENDENT as Indie music can be. All I care about is presenting QUALITY material to our growing audience and I have no particular ax to grind for or against anyone beyond promoting independent quality and giving talented folks exposure.

    I add to our “Archives” page each week (you can get to that here) and the programs are each repeated 2 to 4 times following the initial live broadcast to gain additional exposure for our artists. I’m happy to add links to the pages of our artists so that interested folk can easily get to their CDs for purchase (as well as for their further interest). CygnusRadio is a small non-profit (perhaps with an eye towards some day making money) and all of my fellow hosts/DJs are volunteers for the fun and promotion of Indie music.

    Complete submission info is here and I invite your participation if you think your “chops” are good enough!

    Cheers … KevinKauai
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    Re: Cygnus Radio -

    wow! really nice radio!

    Judged, Insane of madness

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