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Topic: Looking For Carousel Sounds

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    Looking For Carousel Sounds


    I am doing a project and the client has asked for authentic carousel sounds on one of his children's tunes. Anyone ever done this before that can lend some advice to get me started as where to look for a non-synthy palette?


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    Re: Looking For Carousel Sounds

    I don't know of any specifics, but a calliope is the instrument you're looking for, along with some sound design for the movement and doppler effect.

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    Re: Looking For Carousel Sounds

    Yeah Caliope, also from what I remember (the last time I actually heard one) There are real drums, brass, or maybe pipes, being played with levers and mallets and things which means using those acoustic elements, right?

    Who has good caliope samples?


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    Re: Looking For Carousel Sounds

    I don't have any, but would also love to add that to my sample library!. I'll have a look around on the web today.

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    Re: Looking For Carousel Sounds

    Don't forget some kind of reed or semi-pipe organ (along the same lines) along with it and chimes of some sort

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    Re: Looking For Carousel Sounds

    I wonder which existing type of organ/pipe sample (that we all currently have) would be closest sound to emulating the one used in carousels? Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Looking For Carousel Sounds

    I'm thinking an off-the-shelf Glock would be good for the bell/chime sound?

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    Re: Looking For Carousel Sounds

    maybe Michiel Post?

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    Re: Looking For Carousel Sounds

    American Heartland


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    Re: Looking For Carousel Sounds

    I think Consoldiated could serve you well (specially with the Group Buy price, 13 libs for $180) . It has a nice little carousel organ (positif organ) that you can spice up with some vibrato. The church Bells collection have some nice chimes and bells sounds for this. Accordion could work as well.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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