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Topic: Building New Gigastudio Computer

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    Building New Gigastudio Computer

    Hello fellow GS users. I am a new member here and I have a few questions to start.

    Currently I am using a P2-500 machine with an Echo Gina sound card to run Cakewalk9/Sonar. I\'m happy with the results of this machine with this application, considering I do alot of digital audio for sfx and sweetening.
    Now, I\'ve just delved into the Gigastudio world, and I\'ve amassed a fairly large library of gigs...(125 Akai disks)...and I\'m thinking now is the time for me to build a standalone Gigastudio machine. Budget is not so much an issue as speed and performance are... Any suggestions as to components to give me the best performance would be much appreciated... Also, do most people run Giga from a standalone machine?..or do they run their sequencer/giga from the same machine...Pros/cons?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Building New Gigastudio Computer

    Hey Jazzz, there\'s a great thread about what folks\' configurations are at:

    I studied it a bunch before recently putting together a system. I\'m running a dedicated machine (controlled by ProTools on a MAC) with PIII 933mhz, 815E chipset on Intel motherboard, 256M RAM, 20G and 40G IDE drives. It works great. If I wanted to spend more I\'d just get a faster chip and more RAM.

    Hope that helps!

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