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Topic: Since 3.1, msg32 and gstudio.exe won't quit

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    Since 3.1, msg32 and gstudio.exe won't quit

    Hi all

    Since applying the 3.1 update, when I quit Gigastudio ( for example, in order to shut down the computer) I always get error messages saying that msg32 wouldn't end, and have to use 'end now' in order to complete a shutdown. gstudio.exe is often shows the same message, but given enough time (an inordinate amount of time compared to pre-3.1, like 5-10 minutes) it will complete itself..

    I know this is probably just a housecleaning issue, but does anyone know what loose end I need to tie up to get this running smoothly again? I tried a couple of things that were indicated on past threads dealing with msg32 (i.e. turning off 'monitor file activity' in quicksound), but it hasn't improved the situation



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    Re: Since 3.1, msg32 and gstudio.exe won't quit

    I don't know how to fix it, but did see it happen once after updating to 3.1 -- just went away by itself. I might have fiddled with some option and then saved a performance -- maybe enough to set things to its new liking?

    Haven't had it again since the very first reboot with 3.1, anyway.

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    Re: Since 3.1, msg32 and gstudio.exe won't quit

    Thanks G

    I had some advice from a reputable tech upport source to check my msconfig and see if msg32 was in startup. It was, so I was advised to uncheck it.

    I did this, and I haven't had the shutdown issues, but the first appearance of the sysconfig utility window made me nervous...

    Anyway, so far so good.


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    Re: Since 3.1, msg32 and gstudio.exe won't quit

    I knew it was too good to be true. At the very next restart back to the same old game: msg32 would not end task, then gstudio.exe stalled but eventually quit.

    That was followed by horrendous digital feedback noise and a spontaneous re-boot (I swear I didn't touch a thing during this). I had to run in diagnostic mode to get GS back

    This is getting stranger and stranger. Maybe an uninstall of 3.1 and a re-install is in order

    I'll take other options as well if anyone can identify the culprit from these details


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    Re: Since 3.1, msg32 and gstudio.exe won't quit

    If I were you I'd make sure there's a GS3 registration backup on the C drive and then use Gigaclean in the Utilities file on the installation CD and wipe that puppy out! Fresh installs have fixed the few major problems I've run across and it takes less than 5 minutes...much less time than you already have invested. You only need to re-install the program so uncheck the content query. Cheers, jc

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    Re: Since 3.1, msg32 and gstudio.exe won't quit

    Exactly what I've done now. Let's hope that solves it, although I've now had a spontaneous re-boot when saving a GSsetup. Let's hope that doesn't continue.



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    Re: Since 3.1, msg32 and gstudio.exe won't quit

    msg32 isn't supposed to end when you close GS.

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    Re: Since 3.1, msg32 and gstudio.exe won't quit

    I believe you on that for sure. It's when I try to shut down after running GS3.1 that I get the msg32 message, which I have to force quit, only to have the GSTudio.exe be reluctant as well (it usually works itself out after a time).

    i've done a further re-install following the spontaneous re-boots (I would go to save a GS file and it would prompt a re-boot, and when I return to the file there is no information in it: from 1549kb to 16kb at the touch of the save button). I'm just going to hope this settles things down: it's been a most frustrating day so far.


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    Re: Since 3.1, msg32 and gstudio.exe won't quit

    Hey, just got it again -- this time, I shut down the system immediately after closing gigastudio, and got the "msg32.exe won't end ... do you want to end it now" message (or something similar) from windows. Could it be time-related, like the old startup problem where one had to wait until user init finished before starting gigastudio? After rebooting, started and stopped and shutdown without problem. hmmm.

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    Re: Since 3.1, msg32 and gstudio.exe won't quit

    FWIW, i'm not seeing any of these problems with 3.1, it's, for want of a better phrase, rock solid here.

    However, the symptoms would suggest that your audio and/or midi drivers are not unloading and thereby stopping the OS from killing the running GS process, (the same as when GS quits unexpectedly).

    If you're seeing a 'Process_has_locked_pages' messages in the BSOD then its definitely flaky drivers. Uninstall, reg clean, and update with newest versions - if it persists bug the manufacturers until they cure it.

    Just a thought, but any M-audio USB devices involved here? They used to be notorious for this kind of behaviour. If you do have USB audio/midi, try unplugging it when everything hangs, and if it is the culprit, everything should quit after a short delay. Log off, then back on again to re-start the GS drivers if necessary.

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