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Topic: Advice needed

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    Advice needed

    Hello there,

    It is time for buying a computer dedicated to Gigastudio and probably a sequencer (although I am not sure about the software sequencer; I am thinking of buying a dedicated sequencer like Yamaha\'s QY700 instead -it is said to be very reliable & I love to have dedicated buttons for each function: works faster & is more intuitive). My question is this: I want to have a STABLE & RELIABLE system capable of delivering 160 notes of polyphony. Are there any recommendations you can give me with regards to which brand to choose, or should I build one by myself and choose all the separate components myself, how much RAM should I install, which processor type should I choose, which chipset I need (or need to avoid), which type of harddisk: IDE of SCSI? I noticed some of you will swear by SCSI while others say IDE will do. If the latter is true than I will choose for IDE since it is much cheaper. SO, if you can give me any advice I would be very grateful. Thanks for taking the time.
    Best wishes, Jan

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    Re: Advice needed

    I don´t think there is any recipe as to how to get 160 voices. People with the same HW seem to get very varying results. And whoever says ´P3 is the only way´ is also way off, as my poly has gone up going from a P3 700 to an Athlon 1Ghz, even though the soundcard manufacturers only recommend running my Gina on a P3 machine.... so there... it mostly seems its about luck here Of course a fast CPU, fast HD´s etc. all are important parts of a good system. But I also think you should get a mobo with a chipset that has good PCI and RAM performance - I think that is one of the reasons my AMD system is working a lot better than my previous P3 system.

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