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Topic: Asus CUSL2

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    Asus CUSL2

    I was wondering if anybody else has had the same problems I\'ve been having with the Asus CUSL2.

    I recently upgraded my computer to this configuration.

    Pentium III 866 Mhz processor.
    Three Seagate Cheetah Ultra-Wide 9GB SCSi drives.
    512 MB RAM.

    Has anyone had problems with their CUSL2?

    I\'ve been trying out 133-bus speed RAM, but I\'ve found it to be very unstable (heaps of crashes, not just in music applications, but in Internet programs, etc. Has anyone tried that type of RAM and found it to be this way? Also, has anyone tried running slower RAM with better success?

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    Re: Asus CUSL2

    I been using this board without any problems. My processor and memory are running at 133 MHZ. I have the board maxed out at 512 MB. You may have some bad ram. Try running with one stick if you have more than one installed. Switch out until you find the bad one. The 815e chipset is a little picky on PC133 memory so make sure you use high quality memory.

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    Re: Asus CUSL2

    I just built a machine with this board & once I had the bios configured it seems stable as anything.
    I am using crucial technology ram, a little more expensive than the cheapest but worth it for the stability.

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    Re: Asus CUSL2

    I bought this mobo because it is the only one endorsed by Creamware for use with the Pulsar soundcard, and it seems to be a pretty stable mobo, even though I still think the Abit boards and the MSI board that I own/have owned have better BIOS and a slightly higher stability.

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