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Topic: auditioning sounds

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    auditioning sounds

    this is getting embarrassing. I\'ve got so many posts on this forum its starting to look like i own it. Sorry..but you guys have been great in sharing your experience.
    Which leads me to.... auditioning sounds.
    Is it as difficult as i think it is. I seem to have to go through a process of importing wavs...settin them up...listenning to them...selecting...deleting..then import the ones i want agian. If there is a simple way like in hardware samplers of just dialing through samples...please let me know.
    If there isn\'t ...someone at NemeSys take note and add it to your updates cause its a fundamental function that needs to be there!
    Of course, if ive missed the \"audition Key\" then disregard the rant.

    Regards JP

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    Re: auditioning sounds

    Hi John,
    with Version 1.6 you can try the following: Load GS and Windows explorer. Mark in explorer the number of instruments that you wish to audition using shift-key, the drag the whole bunch onto MIDI-channel 1. If in the instruments no special program numbers have been assigned (i.e. default-program# 0), then you can play the instruments and switch between them by increasing or decreasing the program number with your master-keyboard. I find this very handy.

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    Re: auditioning sounds

    The Windows explorer batch load has always worked but very strangly. 1.6 lets you batch load directly from the loader with the exception of the \"tree view\" Auditioning GigaSampler instruments is very quick. You were asking about auditioning wave files in your post. A simple wave editor like Sound Fordge or something would work for that.
    Take care

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