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Topic: need help hookin up 2 pcs soundcards

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    need help hookin up 2 pcs soundcards

    Hi everyone

    just got some new gear dudes

    I thank you all for this great site. I am till having problems trying to hook up a PC with a Aark 24 Multiclient Soundcard and my Digi 001 on My Mac. I am not too clued up on how to route the two soundcards

    Anyone out there using Digi 001 Soundcard and connecting it Via Midi and Analog to a PC with another multi Soundcard?

    First can anyone explain to me exactly how my Midi would be hooked up? I think the Analog form Aark24 to Analog In to Digi 001 is easy, I just don not know how everything is hooked up especially the Midi

    1. Where does my Keyboard Controller (Output )get hooked up to? (Digi 001 or Aark24?) and then what Midi In/Out will go to my Aark 24?

    Any Suggestions?

    My goal is to use PC as the Sampler and record into Digi oo1 with Pro Tools(sequencer)

    Any Suggestions?

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    Re: need help hookin up 2 pcs soundcards

    Keyboard MIDI out to Digi 001 MIDI in
    DIGI 001 MIDI out to Aark MIDI in

    Don’t both cards have ADAT? That would be better for the audio than analog.

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