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Topic: Notable Joe Hisaishi works?

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    Notable Joe Hisaishi works?

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    Listening and loving Princess Mononoke and I love his work in Spirited Away as well. Are there any other notable Joe Hisaishi works out there I should be on the lookout for?

    And to the rest of you puds, if you don't own them, go pick these two up as well as the films to go with them.

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    Re: Notable Joe Hisaishi works?

    I love his score to Porco Rosso. I'm gonna pick up the soundtrack to Howl's Moving Castle soon too (if you haven't seen it and it's in a theatre in your area, go see it... NOW!) Also he did the score to a film called Kikujiro (non-Miyazaki live action film) which is simply amazing. After getting the soundtrack I really want to see the movie too...

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    Re: Notable Joe Hisaishi works?

    I was just wondering to myself a few minutes ago if he was doing the music to Howl's Moving Castle. Too bad I live in the middle of nowhere so there's almost 0 chance of a screening near enough to me for me to see it on a big screen.

    I'll make sure and chech out these.

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