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Topic: All ports together?!!

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    All ports together?!!

    Hello users!
    May be somebody can help me?
    Why Giga play on all ports together? It doesn’t matter if I use only first port it\'s play on second port the same sound. If I load differeny sounds on first and second ports I am listen two sounds together.
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: All ports together?!!

    Vitaly, Maybe you need to unlink the ports. Look at the keyboard icon below the CPU usage indicator. You can unlink ports by clicking on the green numbers. Light green = linked. Dark green = unlinked. I hope that helps. - Doug

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    Re: All ports together?!!

    Thank You very much Doug!
    It\'s works.
    You are great!!
    So fast and exactly answer!

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    Re: All ports together?!!

    Thank You Doug!
    It\'s works for me!
    Fast and exact answer.
    You are great!

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    Re: All ports together?!!

    Hi Vitaly, I\'m glad to hear that was the right answer for you. - Doug

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