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Topic: Midi Over Lan and Kompakt Routing Question

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    Midi Over Lan and Kompakt Routing Question

    I'm having a MIDI routing problem that I suspect is due to my ignorance regarding precisely what to adjust in MidOverLan.

    I'm running Home Studio as a sequencer on Computer 1 and Kompakt as the sampler on Computer 2. The computers are networked and midi communicates via MIDI Over LAN. This works fine.

    There'a a word building program (Wordbuilder) that is supposed to sit in between Kompakt and the sequencer and this small program can sit on either C1 or C2. The program allows you to type in vowels and this triggers the appropriate syllables in the Kompakt sampler (EastWestSymphonicChoirs). Something like this:

    Sequencer (C1) -> WB (C2) -> Kompakt(C2)

    My problem is that the Wordbuilding program does not show any MIDI response and I wonder if it is a MOL tweak that I need to do.
    No matter how I configure it, Wordbuilder seems left out of the loop. (I've tried WB on each computer too.)

    Anyone familiar with MOL have any suggestions here? Or any other ideas? I think I may be missing some adjustment in the routing in MOL, but MOL is a bit opaque to me (even though it is running smoothly).


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    Re: Midi Over Lan and Kompakt Routing Question

    I think I figured this out. It was a matter of activating the Local Pipes option in MOL. This seems to have worked.


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