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Topic: Improving Gigastudio's Latency

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    Improving Gigastudio\'s Latency

    I\'ve just configured a dedicated gigastudio and I get 160 voices no problem.
    1 gig processor
    256 RAM
    new Asus 133mhz, ATA100
    20 gig western digital for apps
    60 gig IBM 7200rmp for gigs (75GXP) on separate controller

    The latency on this system is definately noticeable to a keyboard player though (7-12 ms after testing using digital Performer). It is not as tight as my other synths and not as consistent, especially with Gigapiano.
    Is there a way to shave off some more of the latency bringing it down to 5ms or so?

    Thanks for any replys.

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    Re: Improving Gigastudio\'s Latency

    Oh and the audio interface is an Echo Gina24.
    Also, the digital outputs are about 1 ms faster than the analog.


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    Re: Improving Gigastudio\'s Latency

    have you tried putting the 20 gig apps drive on the IDE primary as master and the 60 gig giaga drive on the IDE secondary as master, and any other IDE devices on the controller card (like CDROM / CDRW). Also sometimes just by using the controller card that slows down the whole works. See other threads about tweaks and enabling DMA on the hard drives. Good luck with the experiments.

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