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Topic: Miditerminal 4140?

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    Miditerminal 4140?

    I am about to buy a new MIDI interface for Gigastudio because I\'ll be changing my motherboard to a non-ISA slot one, so I can\'t use my Winman anymore. I am using both a Winman and an Opcode Translator ATM for Gigastudio, and I am having trouble with the Translator sometimes having hanging notes etc. (I use it on port 3&4 so I don\'t use it that often, fortunately). Therefore I am a bit anxious to get another MIDI interface that uses the parallel port. Anyone have experiences with the Miditerminal and Gigastudio?


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    Re: Miditerminal 4140?

    Hi Simon - I just ordered my EgoSys MIDITerminal 4140\'s to replace my Useless Serial Bus MidiMan MIDISport 4x4. The problem I perceive with the USB interfaces occurs with simultaneous use of the bus by other devices. The MIDISport is fine by itself, but there\'s no synch signal or anything like that to help if another device seizes the bus for a moment. I\'ll let you know how these do.

    BTW, I ordered from Tracer Technologies @ $109.00 each US - the cheapest I found. I own an EgoSys WAMIRack, and am impressed with their products.

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource
    The CMR Players

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140?

    Wow, I just had some sobering facts thrust upon me. I did some research and found that not one of the multi-port midi-interfaces have drivers for WinNT/Win2000, including EgoSys and their MIDITerminal 4140. In fact, the only types of MIDI Interfaces supported under WinNT/Win2000 have that support because of their USB INTERFACE. I\'ve emailed EgoSys to ask about such support, and haven\'t heard back.

    The drive right now is to get Win2000/XP support into GigaStudio. If you want to take advantage of that, don\'t get too married to these non-USB midi-interfaces, or get on mfgs asses to come forth with Win2000 drivers for WindowsXP. Now I have to figure out how to keep these USB ones working.

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource
    The CMR Players

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140?

    I also read that Miditerminal will not work under WindowsME.. Hope they fix this, or I\'ll have to stick to good ole 98. Anyway, I am NOT going for an USB interface. I have had nothing but trouble with the USB connection of my Unitor8, so I am running serial now.

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