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Topic: Spetrasonics with DP on Tiger

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    Spetrasonics with DP on Tiger

    I use PT and Logic, and on my advice, a friend bought Atmosphere RMX and Trilogy forher new G5 on Tiger and Motu 828MkII.
    She uses Digital Performer 4.5.2.....
    RMX works, Atmo and Trilogy don't....
    Can some one tell me what the workaround is ?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Spetrasonics with DP on Tiger

    I don't use Tiger but Atmosphere and Trilogy exhibit the same behaviour in DP4.52 under OS X 10.3.9.

    Workaround: in the Audio panel (slides out from main transport) click on the "Hardware" button, then click Cancel or OK in the dialog. This resets the Motu Audio System and both Atmosphere and Trilogy will now make sound.

    This is NOT a Spectrasonics bug but rather a problem introduced by the latest version of DP. Both Spectrasonics and Motu are presently working on a fix.

    Kind regards.

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    Re: Spetrasonics with DP on Tiger

    Thanks for your answer Dave, but it is not that tey don't make a sound, they are not available at all.
    Looks like DP has a AU validation manager ( sorry thats a Logic name ) and they don't pass....

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    Re: Spetrasonics with DP on Tiger

    Ah, right...

    Well, all I can say is that I know Spectrasonics are working hard on Tiger updates for all their stuff right now. Keep checking in on this forum 'cos Eric or Glenn will definitely announce their readiness here.

    Kind regards.

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    Re: Spetrasonics with DP on Tiger

    I just installed atmosphere on my iBook that I reformatted and updated to Tiger. I thought it wasn't compatible, but it validated fine. I installed the update only, 1.2.1 I think, then the message appeared that it couldn't locate the dat file (forgot to make an alias). I did it while that warning window was open (love osx!) then it went on its merry way and launched DP with no prob with any AUs (also have RMX).

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