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Topic: Best GUI?

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    Best GUI?

    Of all the available virtual instruments/samplers/sequencers - which do you believe has the most attractive/intuitive or elegant interface/GUI (graphical user interface)?

    If you wouldn't mind saying why you find it the most attractive or intuitive or elegant, please do so.

    Thanks much.
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    Re: Best GUI?

    1) REAKTOR

    Can be anything, can do anything (just about), and is designed as a "conform it to what you like" toolbox. If you don't like something about the UI, just change it!!

    My absolute favorite performance environment. Reaktor 5 is the best yet, and very solid out of the chute. The real power of Reaktor comes to light when one learns to build ensembles out of multiple instruments, and to create multichannel performance environments for both live and studio use.

    2) GigaStudio

    Say what you like, no one has put more sampling power onto a single screen. For the end user, 128 MIDI slots in one instance...a monolithic powerhouse. For instrument building, very complex instruments can be populated and roughed in with a few keystrokes. Coupled with the right hardware, it's about the most efficient way to create huge works in real time.

    3) Vegas

    Stupidly simple, fast, and wickedly efficient. Drag anything onto the timeline. Vegas will handle it without a peep. So intuitive, it's almost as if you imagine a feature being there, and it appears exactly where you wanted it to be. If someone would make a sequencer as perfect as Vegas is as a video/audio editor, it would be the new holy grail.

    4) Anything Waves

    The reason people love Waves, I'm convinced, is not because plugin for plugin they're better than anything else. Many are. But the real power of the Waves collection is that the parameters and ranges exposed are the RIGHT parameters and ranges, and getting a musical result is easy.

    5) DVD Architect 3.0

    You can make DVDs damn near as functional as a website, and when it's all said and done, everything is still locked and functional.

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    Re: Best GUI?

    Stylus RMX is hands down the best GUI for virtual instruments....period!

    Eric, you can thank me later.
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    Re: Best GUI?

    Thanks guys for your insight.
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

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    Re: Best GUI?

    2nd vote for RMX and Reaktor. FM7 is another I'm fond of.

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    Re: Best GUI?

    Sequencer: Logic (I use Cubase SX now, but I prefer the GUI of Logic without doubt)
    VSTI: RMX and Absynth 3
    Samplers: Gigastudio 3 (It is easy to use, but the design is simple)
    Eduardo Tarilonte |Sample Library Developer
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    Re: Best GUI?

    Another vote for Vegas (and Acid) - very intuitive and just works for my brain. Also the new GUI for Project 5 is pretty cool

    I think the GUI of all of these programs made it very easy for me to get up and running as I didn't have to spend much time at all figuring out all the pieces and parts - it just made sense to me

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    Re: Best GUI?

    FLStudio 5 in my opinion has a brilliant interface. Kontakt 2 is up there as well.
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    Re: Best GUI?

    I also cast a vote each for Vegas and ACID..

    Sibelius gets a vote for its speed for power users, but no vote for intuitive use.

    I cast no votes for any midi environment. I would love to see a fully developed MIDI sequencer in ACID/Vegas. Or maybe Cakewalk could put some developers back on the MIDI UI for the next Sonar update.

    GigaStudio is solid. I've never like the v1 Kontakt Player by comparison.


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    Re: Best GUI?

    I think the coolest looking GUI is the M-tron , Mood Modular and B4. All the soft-samplers out now are pretty ugly to me, fairly uninspiring looking.

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