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Topic: Samplers -- What's the Real Deal?

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    Samplers -- What's the Real Deal?

    Hi all,

    After finally getting the hint and realizing that GS really IS best used on one dedicated machine with the sequencer on another, I'm wondering:

    Currently, as a solution to this, I'm looking at using Halion with Sonar 4 on my Laptop (Been considering the move to Cubase SX recently, but I dont see a need for it yet, as I've used Sonar for 8 or so years and havent encountered any of the nightmares people are talking about in other discussions.)

    Anyway, my question is: It seems to me that no matter what sampler someone chooses to go with, each is going to have their problems. Point: Bruce, you've often mentioned that Gigastudio works perfectly (along with Kontakt, if I remember right,) but that Halion was a "bad investment". What's the consensus? Does Halion work for some people and not for others? Does GS3 work for some people and not for others. Kontakt?

    I suppose a lot of it has to do with what exactly one uses the sampler for, right? For example: I need to take as capable a studio as I can with me to a large music festival in colorado. After nightmares with computers, and more nightmares with the computer plus GS3, it dawned on me that you guys are RIGHT when you say that GS3 aint made for a one computer set-up. Duh, right?

    Currently, though, I am under the impression that a set up like this:

    2.4 Gig Pentium M Processor, (which, according to benchmark tests, competes with a dual Xeon. Apparently not bad in a laptop)
    TI Innards
    2 Gigs RAM
    2 60 Gig internal HD
    1 250 Gig External FW HD
    (Will use one drive for OS, one for Audio and one for Samples)
    RME Multiface connected by Cardbus
    M-Audio Keystation 66es (Light at only 22 lbs!)

    along with Sonar 4 and Halion

    would enable me to play and record up to 13-14 tracks of Midi and Audio simultaneously.

    Then, when I get home, since I'll have 2 computers, I'll link'em up through Midi-Over LAN and use a combination of GS3, Halion and Sonar 4.

    1.) In this set up, Halion seems like a good choice. (I was told that Kontakt would work just as well, but that Halion was the most like GS which is what I am used to. Thoughts?

    2.) Halion users: What do you guys like about Halion, and if you've used Giga in the past, are there any obvious advantages over Giga insomuch as actual features (workflow and things like this which are mostly preferences arent an issue at this point, since I'll need to learn to use Halion from scratch anyway.

    3.) Is the combination of Halion and Giga a fruitful one--is it worth doing? Why? I ask because currently, all I have are Giga-only libraries. So, I wouldn't have any Halion-only libraries that might sound better than some Giga ones.

    I hope these questions make sense.

    Looking forward to this discussion,

    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: Samplers -- What's the Real Deal?

    Some folks on this forum have GS up and running fine, but my experience with GS was so poor that I ditched it for Kontakt. I couldn't be happier and it works great with Sonar.

    I remain solely responsible for the content of my messages, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless northern sound source, and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of my message(s). Rock on.

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    Re: Samplers -- What's the Real Deal?

    We just had this discusion last week:


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    Re: Samplers -- What's the Real Deal?

    Cool, thanks Bill. I'll check it out.

    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: Samplers -- What's the Real Deal?

    Okay, thanks for pointing me to last week's discussion.

    Unfortunately for me, it was really just a discussion between GS3 and Kontact 2. There were a few Halion posts, but I don't get it...

    Does anybody out there actually use Halion? Since GS3 is out of the picture, why is Kontact better than Halion? Or, why is Halion better than Kontact? Is it a push-and-pull thing where "this one has this but not this.... then again, this one has this and not this..." ? I guess I'm wondering: it seems to me that, as Bruce and others have said, for a two computer rig with large amounts of samples, Gigastudio is a level above the rest.

    What about Halion vs. Kontact? Is one really above and beyond the other and why?
    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: Samplers -- What's the Real Deal?

    Kontakt is more up to date with features, and better supported by third party library developers. Halion has never really kicked into the mainstream, for better or worse. It will be interesting to see how this continues to play out. At this point, I would place the choices between GigaStudio for the massive monolithic powerhouse, and Kontakt for more integrated DAW functionality and very intriguing shaping options.

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    Re: Samplers -- What's the Real Deal?


    Not knowing much in the way of detail this alternative may well be unsuitable for your purposes but for small samples (in RAM) and for playback only I've found VSampler (version 3.?? not version 3.5 which had issues which I hope are resolved by now) to be perfectly adequate and if you have Sonar 3 you already have it.


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    Re: Samplers -- What's the Real Deal?

    Thanks for the heads up, Chet. I'll have to mess around with the VSampler to see what she can do.

    Bruce (and others): What features are we talking about that really stand out for Kontact as opposed to Halion? Bruce, have you used Halion at all?
    Steven J. Kukla

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