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Topic: Notebooks&GS

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    Hi there,

    This question has been posed before, but in light of the fast developments in the tech industry I was wondering: Notebooks are very fast at the moment, there are even 1 Ghz notebooks on the market, yet the harddisks (very important in the performance of GS) are slower than the harddisks you can buy for a desktop. Is there anybody that can tell me if they know of any new development in this area so that GS can run stable on a laptop while giving an impressive performance? Aren\'t there any cards available that allow you to use an external harddisk (in which case you could buy a very fast one)?

    Thanks, Jan

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    Re: Notebooks&GS

    Hi Jan...very good question. Please see my reply to the Dell Inspiron 8000 question.

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    Re: Notebooks&GS

    I also posted on the Insp8000 thread, but just to repaeat my warning, aside from the ESS Maestro 3i which has absolutely no support for GS (WDM only from what I can find); the Inspiron 8000 has a BIOS bug with the fan kicking in. Also I don\'t like how you can\'t disable ACPI so that it assigns 10 devices to IRQ 9, including all your external digital audio (I had the MOTU 828/Firewire). Needless to say, my Inspiron8000 is up for auction at EBay! :-(

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