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Topic: Help with GS3 and SX3 - Bank Select

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    Help with GS3 and SX3 - Bank Select

    Hello all,

    I am new to Cubase SX3, and I am having difficulty sending bank/instrument changes to gigastudio. In the key editor of SX3, you can insert a program change, or a channel change, or even a Bank(MLB or SLB?). However, I can't find a way to change them simultaneously.

    For instance, if my clarinet staccato is "Bank 2, Progam 64" and I want to change to a long clarinet note "Bank 4, Program 73", how to I get Gigastudio to load the proper instrument into the current channel?

    Also, as far as I can tell, Cubase will only allow Bank numbers up to 127, so how do you call up a stacked instrument on Bank 8192??? Thank you for any suggestions!


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    Re: Help with GS3 and SX3 - Bank Select

    don't know if this is your problem, but gigastudio 3, versions 3.01 and 3.02 did not handle bank change correctly. Are you using g3? What version?

    Otherwise it is probably possible in cubase, you just need to find the right format. (?)

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    Re: Help with GS3 and SX3 - Bank Select

    Hello Dave,

    that's simple: In Cubase you can add controllers in "List view". For "Bank select" you can choose controller 0 or controller 32. Controller 0 = MSB Controller 32 = LSB. GS uses MSB Bank select (=controller 0).

    To adress a bank higher than 127 e.g. 128 you just insert controller with (cubase: value1) 0 and (cubase value2) 1, that's bank 128.

    looks like

    controller 0 1

    Regards from Martin

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