Hi all,

It\'s been a LONG time since I\'ve been on the forum. And in that long time I haven\'t been using Gigastudio. So I\'m just now getting ready to build a new computer for GS and my question is about USB midi interface.

I\'ve read a few posts where I gathered that USB was not good with GSt. Is this for the receiving midi card which is in the GSt computer, or does it also apply to the main midi interface which sends the information to the GS computer from my main computer?

Also, any recommendations on the best sound card for GSt these days? Ouch, I know it\'s been asked a bazillion times (dodging tomatoes), but please have mercy....I\'ve been away in hardware sampler land for a year. But now I\'m ready to go 100% GSTudio, I promise --So if anyone wants to buy some E-6400\'s let me know. They\'ll be on e-bay in a week or so.

Mahlon Bouldin