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Topic: Partitioning 75G HD

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    Partitioning 75G HD

    Anybody have any suggestion as to how to partition a 75G Gigasamples HD? I was thinking of three partitions of 25G each. Is this a good idea or should I leave it at 75g?

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    Re: Partitioning 75G HD

    Are you just using the drive for GIG files? I\'m not sure you gain much of a benefit by partitioning your GIG drive, but I could be wrong. I have a 40GB GIG drive that is all one partition.

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    Re: Partitioning 75G HD

    Yes, the files is only for GIG files. I have a 20G drive for the OS and the GigaStudio application.

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    Re: Partitioning 75G HD

    I have a 75GB SCSI Seagate Cheetah Giga drive that I\'ve partitioned into three 25GB sections. I can tell you that you won\'t gain any performance boost with Gigastudio by partitioning but you will gain a little more control over the management of such a huge amount of storage space.

    I partition for the following reasons:
    1. To be able to Defrag in 25GB sections versus the whole 75GB gives me more flexibility in my disc management.
    2. I place my largest gigs, such as the Gigapiano, Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra, Quantum Leap Brass, etc. on the first drive letter as the beginning of any hard drive is the area with the fastest access times, thus improving latency. The second drive letter is for Rhythm section, Percussion, and Loops like Metamorphosis. The third drive I use for any sound libraries I\'m working on. This method works great for me.

    If you\'re going to partition, use a program like Partition Magic 6.0, which allows you plenty of flexibility in figuring out how to split up your drive before hitting the final \"Make it so\" button.

    You can also make all the partitions logical drives versus having the first drive be primary and the rest logical. This helps with how your drive letters look in Windows, which prioritizes all primary drives as the first drive letters it shows in My Computer and then lists the remaining logical drive letters. I discovered this Windows quirk as I have three hard drives in both of my computers and for the longest time I couldn\'t sort out why my D,E,F drive switched to D,F,G. One of the things that sucks with Windows is that you can\'t assign specific drive letters to hard drives. Once I made all my data drives logical drives, I was able to have everything list sequentially.


    Lennie Moore

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