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    Hey guys. I am seriously considering going the Athlon route. Can anyone recommend a motherboard that works flawlessly with Gigasampler and the 1.2 MHZ T-Bird. I have heard in the past that certain chipsets are better than others. Also, I understand that there is a new 266 MHZ front side bus speed on the newer boards. What benefit would there be to this feature considering that I already have a ton invested in over 600 megs of PC133? Do I need to bite the bullet and get the new DDR ram? What in the heck is DDR
    ram anyway? Is it really worth the cost or is it just hype? I hesitate changing from my PIII 600e because I am not having any problems with gigasampler. I just want to be able to run all the plugins in the world at once without dropouts. I wish there were some Dual Athlon motherboards available. Peace.

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    Hello Nazaru,
    DDR Ram is the same ram they use on Geforce2 graphics cards etc. (stands for double data rate as opposed to SDR - single data rate ram) You will find a definite improvement over sdram with regards to system performance but I\'m not sure it will have that much improvement when you heavily load up your system (however the subject is still a very debatable one and you\'ll only ever really know when you try it for yourself!)
    To answer the question about Dual Athlon motherboards the first to be released will be from Tyan, visit www.tyan.com, although the information is not up there yet I have been given info. from Tyan direct about this new board. It is called the Thunder K7 and it is coming early May (it also supports the new generation of more powerful Athlon processors). You might be wise to wait for this baby!
    I hope this info helps.

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    I\'m an ASUS A7V133 RAID man myself. Good board, though I don\'t understand yet why RAID would benefit GSt. Another thing to be cautious of is the fact that the additional controller is going to map to the same PCI INT as one or two of the PCI slots, and depending on how well-written the drivers involved are, you might or might not have some sharing issues.


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    Thanks guys,
    About these next generation Athlons. What is the latest on them. What kind of speed are we to anticipate. It looks like AMD is really about to kick the crap out of Intel with this one being that the P4 is getting such bad reviews. Hopefully the day will come when a guy can run Giga, Sonar and all the plugins he wants without a dropout. Peace.

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    From what other users have said in past threads, Raid may or may not be that helpful to giga. The benefit of using that motherboard is the extra IDE controller chip on the motherboard thus allowing 8 IDE devices without and additional PCI controller card. I have a feeling, though no hard proof, the latency experienced by adding the PCI controller card is not present or greatly minimized by having the contoller chips next to the CPU on the motherboard (shortest distance between two points). I also suspect from my own experiences and reading postings, that having the CDROM and or CDRW as slave devices slows down the master devices. With the two controller chips on the motherboard you get 4 masters without any need for slaves with a typical giga setup of operating system drive / giga drive / CDROM / CDRW. Lastly, many of us do hard disk recording which raid type 0 certainly helps by increasing sustained data rate (you just need an extra hard drive). Please be aware I have yet to do this myself and will be upgrading within a month and will report my results when all is configured and tested. Plan to upgrade to Cakewalk Sonar from Cakewalk Pro Audio also now that there is a special pre-release price. The above makes sense to me but thats why in my prior post I said to check it out, we all know this stuff seems to be pretty much hit or miss given all the variables of hardware and software. For what its worth, my two cents. Best, Doc

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    Save your money. Your best economic option since you want to reuse PC133 SDRAM is a nice Via KT133A chipset motherboard like the \"ABIT KT7A-Raid\" motherboard. This will take an Athlon 1.2 266FSB processor, plus this board has room for 8 IDE devices so that you can put slow IDE devices like CDROM\'s on their own channel which should help your IDE hardrive performance. DDRAM is testing out to be about a real world 10% speedup but it still costs to much and there are still a few bugs to work out. As far as the dual Athlon motherboards, that will be later this year, however, windows 9x doesn\'t recognize 2 processors. Windows 2000 does but Giga products and most soundcard drivers cant do Windows 2000. Best to spend alittle and recycle as much gear as you can with a single 1.2 Athlon, then down the road when the gear and software gets working right upgrade to a dual processor rig if you need to.

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    Do you have a web site for that mother board
    Abit ka7 whatever motherboard..

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    What is Raid and why use it ? For anyone that is unsure of the purpose Raid and onboard raid controllers here is a little info. The \'Raid 0\' standard is two or more drives striped together for higher performance. As an example, when using two drives the data is written and shared across two drives instead of one, for this reason, writes are that much quicker because half the data is written to the 1st drive and the other half to the 2nd drive (the perfomance figures work out to be data transfer rates are approximately 1.5 times faster using two drives over just one); as a consequence when reading data, the transfer rates are also approx 1.5 times faster than using just one drive. The down side to Raid 0 is because your computer looks at both drives as being just one virtual drive i.e. 2x 20GB = a virtual 40GB, if one of the drives goes down your whole virtual drive will be screwed, which means you will have to re-load your operating system and data all over again. ****YOU WILL NEED TO USE A FULL BACK UP SYSTEM I.E. DAT, TRAVAN, ETC.IF YOU ARE EVEN GOING TO CONSIDER USING RAID 0****
    However you can mirror a pair of Raid 0 drives on an on-board Raid controller (promise fastrack100 etc) to protect your O/S and data! (This mirroring standard is known as \'Raid 1\') but is it really worth investing in four drives or more just to achieve any of this ?

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